How to travel and help people
How we are becoming better not only as a business, but also as a community.
"We have long been looking for a charitable organization that we can trust and that shares our values and mission", – Sergei Lozovoi, the founder of GenTravel recalls,
– "In 2022 we met Karina Basharova, co-founder of Health & Help. We were so impressed by the story about volunteer clinics in Guatemala and Nicaragua that we immediately realized, we should play a role in this project".
Everyone who joins a tour with GenTravel contributes to this effort. Our travellers help to make the world a little better.

This project began with a short talk between doctor Victoria Valikova and schoolgirl Karina Basharova in the emergency room of a Ufa hospital. Victoria, infectious disease specialist and tropical medicine specialist, had recently returned to Russia after a humanitarian mission in Guatemala. Watching with her own eyes how adults and children in poor villages were dying from treatable diseases like pneumonia and parasites – Victoria got the idea to build a clinic there. Karina enthusiastically volunteered to take part, although the plan seemed completely crazy at the time. In the summer of 2016, construction began on a clinic in Guatemala – the clinic recently turned 5 years old. In 2020, the girls opened the second clinic in Nicaragua.
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Health & Help assists people at the locations where obtaining basic medical care is difficult or impossible. In 2021, Health & Help had 126 volunteers from 23 countries: 79 online and 47 in the clinics. Clinic volunteers alone attended to 6,000 patients in the past year. The project's mission is to become better by helping others.
GenTravel donates 2% of tour cost to Health & Help: the funds are used to purchase medications for the clinics. Thanks to this, volunteers monthly assist over 500 patients in Guatemala and Nicaragua.
If you want to learn more about the lives of patients and the clinics' work, subscribe to the newsletter and social media of Health & Help -
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